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Photograph by Black Cat Designs and Photography

Carol Howell

Carol is a Cambridge-based photographer who specialises in pet and rowing photography.  She is a maestro of off camera lighting and processing! Carol works alongside the Dog Dude, documenting dogs at his rehabilitation facility, as well as doing a lot of work with Hazel the Pitbull. She has been published in Uno magazine and her work regularly appears in the newspapers “Cambridge Edition” and “Cambridge News”. When she isn’t photographing pets or rowing, she can be found out on her lifestyle block with her two Standard Poodles, Fiona and Sullivan, or assisting on the dairy farm where she sharemilks 110 crossbred cows.
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Nixie Lix at Ruapuke Beach

Kelly Wolfe

Kelly is an award winning pet photographer, whose achievements include being the highest placed photographer of all categories at the 2014 Kodak Gold Awards and reaching the top of the most popular list on 500px multiple times. She photographs all types of animals, but is most well-known for her colourful images of dogs in action, as well as her beautiful static portraits and stunning photos of dogs at agility shows throughout the Waikato. When she isn’t photographing pets for clients, she can be found out with her 13 working dogs, horse and cat on the family bull farm, and attending dog agility classes.

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Tara Sutherland photographing Nixie Lix

Tara Sutherland

Tara is an award winning photographer who specialises in Pet and Underwater Photography with a pretty distinct style. She loves lashings of colour, loads of definition and very very cool lighting.  She lives in Hamilton, New Zealand with her boyfriend Ken, their dog and cat.
Tara has been been published online and in print, most recently in the D-Photo Magazine.  Her photographs are also often used by WashBar as part of their branding, for a fundraising campaign for Chained Dog Awareness and many of her underwater photographs have been used by diving websites around the world.

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